Men's Fashion Casual Simple Mechanical Watch Bronze Retro

Men's Fashion Casual Simple Mechanical Watch Bronze Retro

Men's Fashion Casual Simple Mechanical Watch Bronze Retro

Mechanical watch waterproof or not? A: Since we are engaged in foreign trade products, mechanical watches generally do not have waterproof functions. For waterproof or not, please see the product attributes and we will specify them. Is the mechanical watch use a battery?

A: except for those with special double inserts, mechanical watches are usually batteries free. Why don't mechanical watches go? Answer: The power of the mechanical watch comes from the driving device of the movement. You need to wind up to walk. You can walk for about 18 hours by twisting your head 20 times, and you need to wind up every day.

How to distinguish mechanical functions? Answer: According to the power of mechanical watch, it can be divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Fully automatic is the tourbillon movement, which can go as long as you wear it manually. The power is to automatically wind up when swinging by hand.

Automanual generally, you can walk on your hands, but you still need to wind up, otherwise the power is insufficient, which may lead to inaccurate time. Manual mechanical watches must be wound up before they can go. How many circles are suitable for the spring up (shangxuan)?

Answer: The particularity of the mechanical watch determines that it needs to be wound up every day. It is good to pay attention to 20 rounds of clockwork.

Too many movements are stuck, and too many movements will be reduced in the long run. Can the small needle in the dial go? A: This depends on the specific situation, but generally small needles can be walked, because the movement of small needles is more expensive than ordinary ones. Will the mechanical watch fade?

Answer: our products are all vacuum electroplating, with guaranteed quality and will not fade during the service life. 1 surface width: 4.3cm 2 total length of watch: 26cm 3 Weight: 33 g. 4 dial thickness: 12.5cm. 5 strap width: 2.2cm.

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Men's Fashion Casual Simple Mechanical Watch Bronze Retro